• Juan De Alba

"Edit" button in life

I don't have full knowledge about what's going on between Elon and twitter, I just know that Elon buy a big part of it and that it's planned to add an edit button and that's what I want to talk about.

I really think that we don't need an edit button because what's great about twitter is that show us a version of us that needs to grow, when we go back to a tweet that we posted some time ago, maybe we'll see it and think, of course I was right! but many times we'll think, sheez I really thought that? and that's what life is about.

One thing about twitter, that I won't get much into it, is that people (including me) tend to release all frustation from other things in our life, like our work issues, love issues, social issues, etc... etc... and that's because we tend to live in this black and white version of life, that's far from the thruth, the thruth is that we are humans, we make mistakes, and we can fix them.

There are some mistakes that will bring us harder consequences but the thing is that when you get to a point in your life where you feel fine, happy, maybe you are now with a person that fulfills you, maybe on a job that you really love and you look back, you see that all that "mistakes" in the past are the ones who brought you were you are right now.

So don't be afraid to make mistakes, for example, right now I'm writing this for two things, practice my english and share what I'm feeling right now, and I know that my english isn't great, but the fear that I can have of some people mocking is a tiny thing comparing of the fear of wasting my life because I'm afraid of those stupid thoughts.

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